Increased engagement. Passionate students.

When students are volunteering for a cause they don't feel passionate about, community service begins to feel like a chore. However, when volunteers are passionate about the organization they're working for, they're engaged. When the student's personality, strengths, and interests matches with the organization's, it begins to feel like they're making a difference.

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Student management. Track hours and more.

We take the stress off of High School Community Service Managers. Once students are matched with a non-profit, Choose Something Good tracks the hours that the students spends helping out their organization. We make sure that students stay engaged and passionate.


Acquire volunteers. Keep them for life.

Choose Something Good's matching process aims to place volunteers at non-profits and establish relationships. Instead of students volunteering once just to fulfill their requirements and never coming back, we want the student to be so excited about volunteering that they want to come back. We aim to inspire accountability in students.

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